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Redaurora tollers are based in South Devon. Fizz was our first toller and her daughter, Scrumpy, (R. Sky) our second.  Much loved, and missed, these family dogs were the start of the Redaurora line.   Both girls had one litter and we now have Tipsy (R. Golden Fox Fires), Scrumpy’s daughter, as the matriarch! She is joined by her son Fozzie (R. Festive Dasher) and his half-sister Dooley (R. Banoffee Dream) from Tipsy’s 2nd litter.  All our dogs are part of the family although all are/have been lightly shown and have all qualified for Crufts in their showing years . They are typical, fun loving tollers and the bitches -  Fizz, Scrumpy,Tipsy and now Dooley - have been great mums to their pups. The dogs are, first and foremost, family pets - the occasional show, agility outing, scent work and puppies are the fun add-ons, prising the dogs away from the aga in the winter and from chasing round the fields and the beach in the summer!  


Having lost Scrumpy in 2016 (R.I.P.) we now have her daughter Tipsy ruling the roost.  Tips had her first litter in December 2010 and Fozzie, a boy, moved in!  Four generations were then in the kitchen...chaos!  Did we stop there?  Of course not and in December 2012 Redaurora Banoffee Dream joined the family (from Tipsy’s second litter).  Back down from five to three tollers the house  seemed empty hence Dooley became the proud mum to 5 pups.  Did we keep one?  Silly question..... Yogi (continuing the boys’ Bear theme) stayed.  We will only breed from fully health tested parents and all,  mandatory, test results can be found, seen and checked on the Kennel Club website with details of additional screening on the Toller Club database. We are a Kennel Club Assured Breeder and will only plan a litter of pups if we can be certain that they have good homes to go to and, to date, have kept a pup from each of our five litters.  However, as at December 2020, we have no litter plans for the foreseeable future. We are happy to consider using both Yogi and Fozzie (proven sire) at stud to approved bitches - please contact us if you are interested in our possible stud dogs.  We don't show much but enjoy it when we do and were very proud of Tipsy when she got a 4th/reserve in her class at Crufts in 2010 and then had such a wonderful litter of nine pups that Christmas.  Not many of our pups are shown but we peaked in 2012 with 8 from our bloodline (6 Redaurora and 2 Delongstar) at Crufts and ALL the 5 youngsters that were showing got placed; collectively we took home two 3rd’s, 2 4th’s and 2 5ths.  Since then we have had Redaurora’s qualifying for Crufts each year and Tipsy has won a further 2 cards there with a 4th in Limit Bitch in 2015 and a VHC in Veteran Bitch in 2016.  Fozzie started 2015 in style with 2 more BOBs at Exonian and Torquay & District and Tipsy, Fozzie & Dooley all qualified for Crufts  2016. Then, despite only doing a couple of shows in 2016, Tipsy got a Best Bitch award at Bath which sees her through to Crufts  in 2017 as is Dooley.  Nemo continues to excel in just about everything including Dock Diving (! ) whilst Zanta competes in Rally and obedience and both Amba and Zanta are through to Crufts 2017 too.  2018 saw 3 qualified for Crufts.  Quiet on the show front since then especially due to the ‘Covid’ effect altho Fozz is qualified for 2021 Crufts.  We would encourage you to come and see us and the dogs in Devon - you are very welcome if you are in the area and looking to meet and learn about this wonderful breed.  We also have a private owners group on Facebook with recent updates - email us for more information.